CD | Bridget Willard “Come Away”

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The Songs:

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About the CD “Come Away”

Bridget’s debut CD “Come Away”, produced by Australian singer/songwriter and worship leader, Chris Falson, has something for everyone. The sounds for each song are entirely different.

Why would you want this CD?

The music on this CD spans all genres and is sure to touch your very being. The anxious have listened so they could sleep, the hurting have listened to receive healing, those who have suffered with illness have received peace. This is a ministry CD and the songs are sure to encourage your spirit!

These songs were birthed out of times of prayer and worship. They are sure to lift you up into the heavenlies!

People are listening worldwide: from South Africa, India, Fiji, Singapore, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweeden, India, Australia, the UK, Japan, and Europe.

Come Away Album Credits:

The Studio Band

Guitars/Keyboards: Chris Falson
Drums/Percussion/Programming: Dave Raven
Bass Guitar: Neville L’Green
Violin/Keyboards:Glenn Livit


Lead vocals: Bridget Willard
Backing Vocals on In Jesus’ NameI Will Bless the Lord, and Behold the Lamb: Chariya Bissonette, Kimaya Seward, and Heather Newby.

Recorded at The Shed in Monrovia, CA
Recording Engineer: Chris Rich, The Shed
Mixing  Engineer: Smitty Price, Barking Bird Recorders
Mastering Engineer: Hank Linderman

The Artists

Graphic Artist: Matthew Caldwell
Photographer: Mercier Willard

6 thoughts on “CD | Bridget Willard “Come Away””

  1. Your songs are very beautiful and touching. The I Will Go song made me get teary eyed. It is anointed, as are all your songs, but this one really touched a beautiful place of surrender. It could be because you shared your heart on what inspired the song before you sang it. It’s from a heart of mission–which is God’s heart also. Thanks for sharing! Glory Karl

  2. A live version of “In Jesus Name” from November 3, 2006, at Calvary Chapel South Bay’s Cafe can be downloaded here.

    Bobby Gray on Vocals and Flute
    Mark Perez on Guitar and Vocals
    Nicole Freer on Vocals
    Paul Duke on Bass
    Ed Alabran on D’Jembe
    Bridget Willard on Keyboard and Vocals

  3. I love your song “Let Me Be Your Servant”. Our Bible study would like to use it as a theme song this year. Does it have a “story” behind it? We are studying “Servant’s of God” with Community Bible Study, a study of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel.

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