Hymn-Theology: The Devotional Series

Hymn-Theology is more important than we know. It’s amazing to think of how many people learn theology from hymns rather than directly from the Bible.

Lyrics have always been intriguing for me and poetry as well as word pictures are powerful communicators.

As a worship leader and Bible teacher/student/enthusiast, I think it is of vital importance to properly vet the songs we choose.

Think about how powerful music is just from the perspective of a mnemonic device and the weight of our responsibility to choose theologically-accurate songs becomes clear.

At the same time, I have a passion to celebrate well-written lyrics.

Here is a list of the postings:

  1. Kiss A Guilty World in Love
  2. Peace We Often Forfeit
  3. Though the Wrong Seems Oft So Strong
  4. God of the Reason Why
  5. Just a Few More Weary Days and Then
  6. Prone to Wander, Lord I Feel It
  7. How I’ve Proved Him O’er and O’er
  8. For Thee All the Follies of Sin I Resign
  9. I Need Thee Every Hour, In Joy or In Pain
  10. Born to Raise the Sons of Earth, Born to Give them Second Birth
  11. Morning by Morning New Mercies I See
  12. Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
  13. Thou Art the Potter, I Am the Clay
  14. My Anchor Holds Within the Veil
  15. Word of the Father, Now in Flesh Appearing
  16. And Were the Skies of Parchment Made
  17. When I In Awesome Wonder
  18. Mercy Calls You, Break Your Chains
  19. Heir of Salvation, Purchase of God
  20. I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found
  21. Whatever My Lot
  22. Thou My Great Father

6 thoughts on “Hymn-Theology: The Devotional Series”

  1. The Hymnals my Church uses are currently sitting on my Amazon wish list for a reason very similar to this. Just like an actor performs their job better when they understand the text the act out on stage or screen, we can feel our faith flowing much more when we understand the words behind the music and where they are coming from.

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