Christmas Song Collaboration: Gift of Love

Good and Perfect Gift   (CCLI 5350331)

I wrote this for our church ladies’ luncheon based on James 1:17.  Joel Klampert and I collaborated to re-work this song.

Get the chart here:

In the Key of C (G Capo on 5th Fret)

Here’s my newest version.

Here’s Joel’s first draft.

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Friend Songs (Charts and Audio Clips)

I just realized the other day that I’ve written two songs about friendship.

Dear Friend (CCLI #4570222)

A girlfriend of mine emailed me in desperation one day, stating that she felt overwhelmed in her life and needed great amounts of prayer. I began to pray for Sandy and another friend who God put on my heart, Jina. I felt overwhelmed by the greatness of the emotional distress on these two ladies. Muttering prayers while practicing the guitar, produced this song, which both of my friends dearly loved. Chris included it in this album because he said the church lacked a song with this theme. Often we don’t know what to pray, except to say, “Lord, I’m giving my friend to YOU. Please help her.” I hope more of you are blessed as well.

This song is recorded on my CD “Come Away” available both on iTunes and

Here is a link to the chart.

You’ve Got a Friend (CCLI#4640509 )

I actually wrote it for a friend of mine as her birthday present because she always said “I’ve got your back” and she was such a prayer warrior. I’m so pleased to know that people are enjoying this song and it’s message to us all.

So if you’re interested, here is a live recording from Angel City Cafe in Bellflower, CA from February 24, 2006.

  • Bridget Willard on Vocals and Keyboards
  • Mark Perez on Vocals and Guitars
  • Bobby Gray on Flute and Sax

Chord chart is here.

Needless to say, it has not been professionally recorded yet.


Come Away CD / Song Stories /

Come Away

Song of Solomon 2:10-13

Sitting in the bath, having some alone-time with God, reading a commentary on the Song of Solomon, the Lord gave this song to me. What really captured my heart was the phrase “winter has gone, all the rains have passed away.” The Lord allows us to go through seasons in our lives, seasons that oftimes seem like an eternity of winters where we die a thousand deaths, but the springtime always comes. The Lord is always there calling us to become more and more intimate with Him. Come Away. Continue reading Come Away CD / Song Stories /

One In Christ: My First Wedding Song

When my friends Bill & Sabrina asked me to sing at their wedding, I was thrilled. Praying, asking the Lord what song He might have for them, the LORD gave me this song (which is intended as a duet with a male):

One in Christ.

Chord Chart

The first verse is the female’s part of the vow and the second verse is the male counterpart, both from Ephesians 5. The last line of the chorus is from Psalm 118:23. As for the arrangement: it varies: I’ve done it alone, with a male and two female vocals (that was sort of strange), with a male, and with a male taking the lead (melody). I always have a guitar player, though. Either way seems to really bless the couple. I prefer to sing it during the candle lighting / sand ceremony and/or communion.

I have since sung it at Julie & Wyatt’s wedding, Terri & Rick’s wedding, Cindy & Howard’s wedding, and Jade & Jake’s wedding. Lyrics for the chorus have been recently quoted in the ceremonies of Aimee & Matt and Becca & Jonny.

cindy.jpg jade3.jpg jade.jpg

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“I Will Go” – Song Story

November 2005:

Lately, I’ve been using this song from Isaiah 6 lately, especially for our outreach ministry. It starts with hearing the Lord’s voice in His presence and responds as Isaiah does, with “I Will Go.”

I wrote, “I Will Go” as part of a project that I was given by my worship leader at the time, Mark Perez. He was planning the song set and wanted me to find a song that featured the 2nd part of Isaiah’s vision in Chapter 6 of Isaiah.

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