Awake, Collaboration with Joel Klampert

I recruited Joel Klampert for the melody/chords.  I am very excited about this collaboration.


(c) 2008 Bridget Willard, Joel Klampert CCLI#5363177

Verse 1

I was created to be transformed
Created to be like You
Created to be reborn
And love nothing but You
I choose to yield to Your will oh Lord
To yield to Your way
To yield to Your grace and truth
In You there is no shame

Misc 1

I want my heart to yearn for You
Lord take my heart and renew

Chorus 1

Awake my soul
And I will sing Your praise
And I will not be ashamed
Awake my soul
I sing praises to Your Name
Praise to the High King
Awake awaken my soul

Misc 2

Awaken my soul
Lord make me whole

Inspired by Holland Davis’ sermon at Combined Mens 11/4/06.

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